International Undergraduate Fees

You will pay undergraduate tuition fees for the following qualifications at UC: 

  • Bachelor's degrees
  • Honours degrees
  • Undergraduate certificates and diplomas
  • Graduate certificates and diplomas

Indicative Fees

The table below indicates the tuition fees you might pay for the first year of each undergraduate qualification - normally 120 points unless stated otherwise. The actual tuition fees you pay will depend on which courses you choose to take towards your qualification and may be slightly more or less than the indicative fee listed below. 

If you pre-pay your tuition fees and the amount you pre-pay is different from your final fees total (as shown on your Enrolment Agreement), you will be charged or refunded the difference during your Enrolment in Person session if you are studying on-campus, or when you finalise your enrolment if you are offshore.

Additional Costs

In addition to your tuition fees you will also pay non-tuition fees. If you are studying on-campus as an international student, you will also pay for Insurance and a Student Visa Application Fee (if applying through UC). 

Offshore Study and GST

If you are living and studying outside of New Zealand, your fees will be exclusive of NZ GST. The University of Canterbury reserves the right to charge any additional taxes payable in NZ or in the country of study if required by any relevant legislation. 

International Undergraduate Indicative First Year Fees
By Qualification (GST inclusive and exclusive)


Bachelor's DegreesPoints2022 Indicative Fee
Bachelor of Arts 120$29,513$25,663
Bachelor of Commerce 120$32,975$28,674
Bachelor of Communication 120$29,550$25,696
Bachelor of Criminal Justice 120$32,150$27,957
Bachelor of Data Science 120$35,725$31,065
Bachelor of Engineering with Honours 120$40,750$35,435
Bachelor of Environmental Science with Honours 120$35,538$30,903
Bachelor of Fine Arts 120$33,075$28,761
Bachelor of Forestry Science 120$36,950$32,130
Bachelor of Health Sciences 120$35,538$30,903
Bachelor of Laws 120$32,988$28,685
Bachelor of Maori Innovation 120$32,600$28,348
Bachelor of Music 120$33,788$29,381
Bachelor of Product Design 120$38,850$33,783
Bachelor of Science 120$36,500$31,739
Bachelor of Social and Environmental Sustainability 120$31,100$27,043
Bachelor of Social Work with Honours 120$29,513$25,663
Bachelor of Speech and Language Pathology Honours 120$36,075$31,370
Bachelor of Sport Coaching 120$30,725$26,717
Bachelor of Teaching and Learning (EarlyChildhood) - Change of name subject to CUAP approval120$28,800$25,043
Bachelor of Teaching and Learning (Primary) 120$28,800$25,043
Bachelor of Youth and Community Leadership 120$30,138 $26,207
The Conjoint Bachelor of Arts and Commerce (BA/BCom – 540 points) 135$35,450$30,826
The Conjoint Bachelor of Arts and Science (BA/BSc – 540 points) 135$37,213$32,359
The Conjoint Bachelor of Commerce and Science (BCom/BSc - 540 points) 135$39,300$34,174
The Conjoint Bachelor of Product Design and Commerce (BProdDesign/BCom - 540 points) 135$42,238$36,729
The Conjoint Bachelor of Product Design and Science (BProdDesign/BSc - 540 points) 135$43,413$37,750


Honours DegreesPoints2022 Indicative Fee
Bachelor of Arts with Honours 120$30,725$26,717
Bachelor of Commerce with Honours 120$32,975$28,674
Bachelor of Music with Honours 120$34,500$30,000
Bachelor of Science with Honours 120$37,563$32,663


Graduate Certificates and DiplomasPoints2022 Indicative Fee
Graduate Certificate in Sport Coaching 60$14,400$12,522
Graduate Diploma in Arts 120$28,800$25,043
Graduate Diploma in Commerce 120$31,800$27,652
Graduate Diploma in Criminal Justice 120$28,800$25,043
Graduate Diploma in Journalism 120$28,800 $25,043
Graduate Diploma in Maori Language and Pedagogies: Aumiri Pounamu 120$28,800$25,043
Graduate Diploma in Science 120$36,500$31,739
Graduate Diploma in Strategic Communication 120$28,800$25,043
Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning 150$29,000$25,217
Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning Early Childhood 150$29,000$25,217


Certificates and DiplomasPoints2022 Indicative Fee
Certificate in Arts 60$14,400$12,522
Certificate in Commerce 60$15,900$13,826
Certificate in Criminal Justice 60$14,400$12,522
Certificate in Health Sciences 60$16,800$14,609
Certificate in Languages 60$14,400$12,522
Certificate in Maori Language and Pedagogies: Aumiri Pounamu 60$14,400$12,522
Certificate in Science 60$14,400$12,522
Certificate in Sport Coaching 60$14,400$12,522
Certificate in Youth and Community Leadership 60$14,400$12,522
Diploma in Advancing University Studies 120$28,800-$36,500$25,043-$31,739
Diploma in Global Humanitarian Engineering (45 points cross-credited from BE(Hons))120$23,975$20,848
Diploma in Health Sciences 120$33,600$29,217
Diploma in Languages 120$28,800$25,043

All prices listed are in NZD.

Tuition fees are subject to change and are reviewed annually. The University reserves the right to change these published fees before enrolment to reflect any changes in Government or University Council Policy. See Enrolment and Fees Policies and Regulations for more information. If you are taking courses as part of your qualification in the following academic year, you may be subject to a price increase for those courses.

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