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Communities and clubs

31 August 2023

UC has over a hundred student-run clubs and organisations that reflect the diverse range of intellectual, artistic, cultural, social, and recreational pursuits in our community. From film and board games to politics to religion, UC has a club for you! Find out about communities and clubs at UC, live your passions, and find others who share them.


Get involved in our clubs

More than 100 student-run clubs and organisations support the varied intellectual, artistic, cultural, social, and recreational pursuits of the UC community. From engineering to film, rugby to board games, politics to religion, acting to motor cross, we have a club for you!

Clubs Day

Clubs Day is a great place to see what is on offer at UC, find likeminded people and get involved. Clubs Day is on during Orientation Week in both first and second semester.

Check out Events for more details.

Create your own club

If the club or society you’re looking for isn’t already in existence, it’s easy to get funding and support to start your own initiative.

If you have an idea and 20 people who want to be members, you can formalise the group by affiliating with UCSA who will help you get the new club or society off the ground.

Check out the clubs section on the UCSA website to point you in the right direction.

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