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Power Systems Group

21 November 2023

UC's power systems group researches renewable energy, energy efficiency and technology, power quality, transformers, power system dynamics, generation and distribution networks, power electronic control, high voltage engineering, and energy markets. Learn more about our Power Systems group.


What is The Power Systems Group?

Power generation and transmission is highly important in the modern world, and studying Power Engineering will allow you to investigate power distribution and usage through electrical devices. Systems such as generators, transformers and motors are widely used within different industries, and therefore need graduates with the expertise to create, maintain and improve these.

Power Quality

  • Harmonic Domain Analysis
  • Harmonic State Estimation and Observability
  • Marginal Pricing of Harmonics
  • Light Flicker due to Voltage fluctuations
  • Power Conditioning


Computer Analysis of Power Systems

  • Power-Flow AC/DC Three-phase
  • Fault Analysis
  • Electromagnetic Transient Analysis
  • Mixed time-frame Analysis


Power Electronic Systems

  • HVDC Transmission
  • FACTS and Custom Devices
  • Frequency Domain Modelling of Large Power Electronic Circuits
  • Electric Vehicle
  • Low Temperature Semiconductors



  • Water Purification using High Voltage Electricity
  • Live-line High Voltage Transducer
  • High-temperature Super-conducting Transformer
  • Linear Induction Motors
  • High Voltage Phenomena (breakdown path of air)



  • Deregulated electricity market performance evaluation
  • Network Operation Optimisation

As part of the $142 million Canterbury Engineering the Future project, the new Electrical and Computer Engineering wing opened in 2016. The building is designed to enhance processes, techniques and teaching, starting with a cluster of complex research laboratories located at the main entrance.

The facilities used for power systems are:

  • Power Electronics Laboratory
  • Computer Labs
  • High Voltage Laboratory

See the Electrical and Computer Engineering facilities page for more information about the facilities at UC.

Please see the research pages of the following staff members to view the group's published papers.



Erskine Programme


EPCA Fellowship

The EPCA (Electrical Power Computer Application) Trust fund was setup by Prof. Arrillaga when leading the Power System Group at the University of Canterbury. Money obtained from industry was invested in this trust fund and three-quarters of the interest earned is use to fund activities related to the trust deed (that is Computer Applications in Electrical Power). One activity is to enable eminent people to come to the University of Canterbury to contribute in this area.

Due to the diversity in the interests of Staff members consultancy is undertaken in a wide range of areas. Also staff provide Technology transfer and commercialisation of ideas. Areas of work have been:

  • Transformers
  • Water heating
  • Water sterilisation

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