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Digital Education Futures Lab

Te Puna Rangahau i-Ako

16 February 2024

While integrating technology has provided new opportunities, we need clear, critical, research-led discussion into design and equitable application of technology in education. UC's Digital Education Futures Lab focuses on examining practice, approaches, and research around digital technologies that shape the future of education. Learn more.


Digital technology has had a profound impact on education. Workplaces, universities, and schools have become increasingly digital. This adoption and application has shaped how we engage in education and has provided both considerable benefits while also bringing many unforeseen challenges. Digital technology fundamentally impacts how we connect, communicate and engage with learning and teaching.

While the integration of technology has provided new and enhanced opportunities, there is a need for a clear and critical research-led discussion into design and equitable application of technology within education.

We are a community of researchers engaged in the exploration of digital technologies within the educational context across all contexts of education, inclu; formal and informal, schooling, pre and post schooling. We are focused on examining practice, approaches and research around digital technologies which shape the future of education. Our research is driven through experimenting, observing and evaluating the impact which technology has had on society and within education in particular.


Together with our students, collaborators, and research partners, we endeavor to;

  • encourage creative thinking
  • collaborate across physical and digital spaces within multidisciplinary contexts
  • nurture new ideas
  • develop inquisitive and exploratory perspectives
  • foster criticality through interrogating the status quo and dominant paradigms
  • enable active engagement and knowledge sharing between researchers, practitioners, and the wider community
  • grapple with complex challenges and opportunities

For information about our predecessor the e-Learning Lab

For information about our current projects, and publications see our UC Research Group page

For information about our students, events, news and ideas see our UCDeFLab Blog

Follow us on twitter @UCDeFLab

We coordinate the e-Learning and Digital Technologies endorsement in the Masters of Education.

The e-Learning and Digital Technologies endorsement provides educators and training or support staff with opportunities to develop their knowledge, understanding and professional practice, examine critical issues and build confidence and capability for leadership in this area.

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