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Food, Policy and Wellbeing Research Cluster

06 November 2023

Established in 2019, UC's Food, Policy and Wellbeing (FPW) Research Cluster is split into four subgroups. These focus on different research areas that examine how sustainable food can support wellbeing. Learn more about our Food, Policy and Wellbeing Research Cluster.

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FPW Research Food Stall

Food policies, social protection and wellbeing

This subgroup looks at ways and means in which food policies can be framed to address vulnerability and marginalisation.

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Corporate food policies and equity

This subgroup explores the role that corporate and government policies play in promoting food safety and societal wellbeing in New Zealand and the South Pacific region.


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Human rights, food and water

This subgroup will scope emerging human rights-based approaches in law, policy and practice that have implications for land and water management.

FPW Group of People

Cities, youth and food policies

This subgroup examines the sustainability of urban food policies for children and youth.


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