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Fluid Mechanics Group

20 December 2023

The Fluid Mechanics group operates a unique laboratory to support our study and research relating to industrial aerodynamics. We respond to the needs of New Zealand and encourage relevant projects from industry while doing more basic research with long term goals. Learn more about UC's Fluid Mechanics Group.


About the Fluid Mechanics Group

The group has a wide range of experience in fluid mechanics and operates a unique laboratory to support its study and research relating to industrial aerodynamics. It is responsive to the needs of New Zealand and encourages relevant projects from industry while undertaking more basic research with long term goals.

  • Wind turbines for developing countries
  • Bicycle wheel aerodynamics
  • Aerodynamics at jet engine test cells
  • Stability of sink vortices
  • Car roof rack noise
  • Analysis and development of water jet intake
  • Field studies of waterjet-hull interactions
  • Computational fluid dynamics at arbitrary speed
  • Fundamental flying characteristics of kites
  • Quantification of airflows generated by rotating rollers in wool carding
  • Prediction of cavitation in turbo machinery
  • Windsurfer aerodynamics

  • Dr Keith Alexander
    Waterjet design and theory; kite aerodynamics; amphibious vehicles.
  • Dr John Pearse
    Plant design; project engineering; acoustics; biomedical engineering.
  • Dr Mark Jermy
    Fluid mechanics; industrial aerodynamics; biological flows especially breathing therapies; experimental measurement with wind tunnel and laser-optical techniques; forensic biomechanics and fluid mechanics in wounding and other forensic applications.

Technical Assistance

  • Dr Natalia Kabaliuk
    Experimental fluid mechanics and aerodynamics; wind tunnel experimental analysis; arterial fluid structure interaction; simulant model construction of biological tissue for blood flow analysis and forensic research; digital image manipulation and analysis.

Laboratory facilities

In addition to a wide range of software available through the department network, the group operates specialised computer software including:

  • FLUENT/GAMBIT and HARPOON, Computational fluid dynamics
  • WAsP, Wind energy prospecting
  • FANS, Axial flow fan design
  • DADISP, SURFER, HARVARD Graphics, Data acquisition and post-processing.

Research Opportunities

Postgraduate Research Projects Available

If the research direction of the Industrial Aerodynamics and Wind Engineering Group is of interest to you, and you are in possession (or about to be) of a good Honours degree in Mechanical Engineering, please contact:

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