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Cybersecurity Lab

31 January 2024

UC's Cybersecurity Lab was established in 2011 as a unit to coordinate and support work in security, privacy, and cryptography. Learn more about our research.


For instance, we have been working on designing lightweight cryptographic protocols for IoT with the help of blockchain technologies.

If you are interested in Dependability and Security and are looking for a supervisor for your Ph.D., Masters, or Honours study, please contact the department admin ( We also seek motivated undergraduate students who want to do research in the cyber security area.

  • data and network security
  • public key cryptography
  • blockchain technologies
  • post quantum cryptography
  • Internet of Things

Postgraduate/undergraduate Students at UC


Recent Alumni
  • Jin B. Hong (Ph.D. April, 2015, UC): Scalable and Adaptable Security Modeling and Analysis. First employment: Postdoc, UC, NZ
  • Mengmeng Ge (Ph.D student in CSSE): Security for the Internet of Things
  • Simon (Enochson) Yusuf (Ph.D student in CSSE): Dynamic Cyber Security Modeling and Analysis
  • James Spicer (CS honours student): Distributed Vulnerability Scanning for Safelite
  • Nic Robinson-O'Brien (SE honours student): SPNP improvement
  • Andrew Dolan(SE honours student): Safeview improvement
  • Nguyen Tuan Anh (Ph.D., August 2015, KAU): Availability Modeling and Analysis of Data Center Systems using Stochastic Reward Nets. First employment: Postdoc, Kunkuk University, Korea
  • SeulKi Lee (Ph.D., 2014, KAU): Reliability and Availability Analysis for UAS by Using Hierarchical Fault Trees and Continuous Time Markov Chains. First employment: Korea Institute of Geoscience And Mineral Resources, Korea
  • Sang Min Lee (Ph.D., 2012, KAU): Modeling and analysis of lightweight Intrusion Detection Systems, First employment: SK telecom Co., Ltd. -> Current: Telecommunications Technology Association of Korea (TTA)
  • HeeSoo Kim (M.E., 2016, KAU): Android Malware Detection using Machine Learning, First employment: Penta Security Systems Inc., Korea
  • Suhan Kim (M.E., 2016, KAU): Development of New Security Metrics, Current: PhD student at KAU.
  • FangCheng Jia (M.Sc. in CSSE, 2015, UC): A Security Assessment Framework for Software Systems, Current: PwC, Wellington, NZ
  • Hyeongjun Jin (M.E., 2015, KAU): Security Analysis of Network Separation Mechanisms
  • Miseon Wi (M.E., 2014, KAU): Security Evaluation of Smart Grid using Attack Countermeasure Trees. Current: Hyundai Mobis security team.
  • Matthew Ruffell (Computer Science Honours student in CSSE, 2016, UC): Applying Bytecode Level Automatic Exploit Generation To Embedded Systems, current: PhD student at UC
  • Monty Anderson (Software Engineering Honours student in CSSE, 2017): Visualisation of Hierarchical Attack Representation Models


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