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Artificial Intelligence Research Group

30 October 2023

UC AI is a transdisciplinary group of internationally recognised researchers for artificial intelligence. From regulation to robots, learn about UC's Artificial Intelligence Research Group.

What is UC AI?

UC AI (University of Canterbury Artificial Intelligence Research Group) is a newly-formed transdisciplinary cluster for artificial intelligence research. UC AI encompasses researchers from UC’s departments and schools of Computer Science and Software Engineering, Mathematics and Statistics, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Psychology, Education, the Humanities and Social Sciences, and the New Zealand Human Interface Technology Laboratory. UC AI’s yearly Conference also provides an opportunity to celebrate Ada Lovelace’s birthday on 10 December. Nearly 200 years ago, Lovelace and Charles Babbage wrote the first programs for a universal digital computer.

UCAI Research

Research projects currently undertaken by UC AI members. Exciting things are happening in Christchurch in the field of Artificial Intelligence research.

UCAI Workshops

This year the University of Canterbury are organising the NZ AI Workshop 2022 held on 28 November. For more details visit the conference page.

UCAI Researchers

UC AI has a team of internationally recognised researchers. Meet some of our group members.

Latest News

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The Story of Boston Dynamics – a Podcast

Surveying Scallops

Audio Visual Interaction with Invasive Predators


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