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The Erskine Programme Office administers Visiting Erskine Fellowships and Grants, Visiting Canterbury Fellowships and Grants, the Cambridge/Canterbury Exchange Programme and the Oxford/Canterbury Exchange Programme.  

The bequest by John Angus Erskine enables up to 70 visiting international senior academics to lecture at UC each year to undergraduates and postgraduate students (Erskine Fellowship).  Around 25 UC academics are also awarded grants which enables them to travel to overseas institutions to enhance their skills and knowledge (Erskine Grants).  Erskine Programme Fellowships are teaching fellowships, not research fellowships, and intended for more senior academics.  

Departments not eligible for an Erskine Fellowship or Grant are eligible to apply for one of the other Fellowships or Grants administered by the Erskine Programme Office. These awards are made annually on a competitive basis. 

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