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Energy Group

17 December 2023

The Advanced Energy and Material Systems Lab comprises a diverse group who work on complex, interdisciplinary problems. Our primary research focus is finding innovation in energy systems. Learn more about UC's Energy Group.


About the Energy Group

The Advanced Energy and Material Systems Lab is a diverse group working on complex, interdisciplinary problems. 

The main research focus is finding innovations in energy systems, including human behaviour for adaptation to reducing fossil energy consumption.

  • Susan Krumdieck
    AEMS Lab Director, Above Ground Geothermal Energy Systems Engineering
  • Mathieu Sellier
    Numerical modelling of scaling mechanisms in geothermal fluids, Numerical modelling of thermal systems
  • Mark Jermy
    Experimental analysis of scaling in geothermal fluids
  • Sid Becker
    Heat transfer and novel approaches to heat exchanger design for geothermal and industrial waste heat recovery
  • Keith Alexander
    Micro Hydro design and development
  • Femke Reitsma
    GIS Systems (Geography)

Technical Assistance

  • Eric Cox
    Technical Officer, Safety Officer

  • Improving the efficiency and reducing the impact of energy conversion 
  • Renewable energy systems including wind, solar and geothermal
  • Energy use in transport and planning for the post-peak oil urban form re-development
  • Energy use in freight movements and planning for the post-peak oil circumstances
  • Electricity use in the residential sector and new ICT solutions to peak demand management
  • Hybrid energy-economic technology and demand transformation modelling
  • GIS-based active access assessment of urban forms
  • Adaptability of travel behaviour as a function of urban form and income level
  • Village scale energy auditing, electricity networks, demand side management and renewable energy integration
  • Transportation and building energy auditing
  • Enabling technology for PEM and SOFC fuel cell systems

MFAT offers approximately 540 new scholarships per annum to citizens of developing countries around the world.  Please see for more details.  Renewable energy is one of MFAT priority sectors for scholarship in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, and always a potential sector for our scholars from the Pacific.

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