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Public Diplomacy and Political Communication Forum

17 October 2023

The Public Diplomacy and Political Communication Forum (PD-PCF) is a multi- and inter-disciplinary research platform that unites leading experts and early-career researchers in a transnational network in their study of public diplomacy and political communication.


With the growth of soft power and new media and information technologies, public diplomacy is of growing importance in international relations.

PD-PCF defines public diplomacy as efforts by state and non-state actors to influence opinion of the general public and key stakeholders in other countries. PD-PCF engages with study of public diplomacy tools and variants to improve international image and promote foreign policies.

In focus are monologue, dialogue and collaboration modes of public diplomacy. PD-PCF also explores how political actors involved in international relations and foreign policy use the media to formulate and project soft and hard power messages, and how stakeholder and public opinion of domestic and international standing can be effected by media (traditional and new).

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