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Bachelor's degree

Bachelor of Sport

06 October 2023

UC's Bachelor of Sport (BSport) will prepare you to make a meaningful impact in the diverse, ever-changing world of sport. Find out about studying a BSport through our Te Kaupeka Oranga | Faculty of Health.


Bachelor of Sport

Degree Structure - Duration
3 years full-time


Bachelor of Sport

Degree Structure - Start In
Semester 1 or 2 (February or July)




2024 tuition fees estimate per 120 points:

  • Domestic — $6,981 - $7,334
  • International — $33,113 - $35,988


Bachelor of Sport


UC's Bachelor of Sport will prepare you to make a meaningful impact in the diverse, ever-changing world of sport. It provides you with an overview of sport as a global culture and professional business, and the tools to help you inspire future athletes, individuals, and communities towards rewarding and more fulfilling experiences.

This flexible degree allows you to focus on your sports of interest, with subject choices and customised experiences so you can go into any career in the growing sporting and fitness industries.

Bachelor of Sport

What will my study involve?


  • Learn about all things sport — from scientific assessment, athletic technique and performance, fostering positive learning, to the business side of sport.
  • Customise your study, with areas such as high-performance science, sport coaching and training, health and wellbeing, and management and organisation.
  • Practicums, workshops, fieldtrips and lab work, and a 120-hour internship with a professional or community sport organisation in your final year of study.
  • Part-time and online distance study options.

Bachelor of Sport

Entry requirements

Admission to UC with University Entrance (or equivalent) is required to enrol.

If English is your additional language, you are also required to meet UC's English language requirements.

See Admission and enrolment for all information on enrolling at UC.

As some of the courses within this programme involve working with children, a police check and interview will be completed at the beginning of these courses - you will be sent information on how to complete these at the appropriate time.

Recommended preparation

The Bachelor of Sport is open to anyone with entrance to UC.

A passion for sports or exercise, sporting culture, and/or human anatomy will make you particularly suited to this degree.

Experience working within sports teams, exercise and wellbeing programmes, or with children and young people would be especially useful.

Bachelor of Sport

Subjects and courses

The Bachelor of Sport will introduce you to the practice and theory of all things sports, following key themes around society and sporting culture, science and performance, sports leadership and business, and teaching and learning.

As well as the core Sport courses throughout the three years of the degree, you will also study towards a major, a major and minor, or a double major.

See ‘Planning my degree’ below for an example degree structure diagram.

Compulsory courses

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Major subjects


If you are wanting to complete a double major in your degree, one of your major options must be either Sport Marketing and Management or Te Ao Hākinakina.

Minor subjects


Bachelor of Sport

Career ready

  • Practical experiences throughout your degree working with specialist equipment, sporting organisations, youth and other communities.
  • Build your career towards management or leadership positions in the sporting or health industries.
  • Graduates work as trainers, sports scientists, coaches, extreme or adventure sports guides, team managers, and more.

Find out more about what can you do with a degree from UC.

2024 tuition fees estimate (per 120 points):

  • Domestic — $6,981 - $7,334
  • International — $33,113 - $35,988

SSL estimate (per 120 points):

  • 2024 — $1,100.40

Planning my study

Example degree diagram of UC’s Bachelor of Sport.

Each small block represents a 15-point course. However, some courses may be 30 points or more.

This diagram is an example only - other combinations are possible. For specific course requirements, see the Regulations for the Bachelor of Sport.

Bachelor of Sport

How do I plan my degree?


The BSport is made up of a total of 360 points:


  • 135 points of compulsory courses
  • 120 points towards a major
  • the remaining points can be from Sport courses or other degrees.

A minimum of 225 points must be from courses above 100-level, with at least 90 points at 300-level.

The degree takes 3 years of full-time study, or can be studied part-time for up to 6 years.

For the full degree requirements, see the Regulations for the Bachelor of Sport.

Majors, minors, and specialisations

BSport students have the option of completing either:

  • a major
  • a major and a minor
  • two majors (a double major).

Each major has specific course requirements, but all consist of a minimum 120 points, with at least 45 points at 200-level and at least 45 points at 300-level.

A minor consists of a minimum of 75 points, including at least 45 points above 100-level, in a single subject chosen from Sport, Arts, Commerce, Digital Screen, Health Sciences, Product Design, Science, or Youth and Community Leadership degrees.

Distance study option

Most BSport courses are available to study online. This is an ideal option if you are placed outside of Ōtautahi Christchurch, or are working alongside study, or have other responsibilities.

If you are enrolled in an online distance course you will be supported through online resources, such as discussion forums, recorded lectures, and video tutorials.

You can also study part-time for up to 6 years.

Certificate option

For those who wish to gain an entry-level qualification in Sport Coaching, there is a certificate option. The Certificate in Sport Coaching is available part-time or over one semester. It can then lead onto the BSport degree.

Those already with an undergraduate degree or relevant post-secondary school study and work experience may consider the Graduate Certificate in Sport Coaching - an online, flexible learning qualification that enables you to develop your professional coaching skills.

Double degrees

It is possible to study a Bachelor of Sport alongside other degrees at the same time, such as the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Youth and Community Leadership.

Find out more information about Double degrees.


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