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International Business

04 October 2023
International Business provides the opportunity to gain skills relevant for conducting business in a global, multicultural economy.


International Business


In this subject, you will gain skills and confidence to conduct business in a global, multicultural economy.

International Business

What will my study involve?

  • Develop cross-cultural business skills with course options towards finance or marketing, and options to learn another language.
  • Choose to go on an exchange with an overseas university in your second year.
  • Add an International Business minor to your other subjects to prepare for a particular industry that interests you.

International Business


International Business major

For the major in the Bachelor of Commerce, complete the following courses:




There are at least four distinct pathways in the International Business major, depending on whether you wish to specialise in Finance or Marketing and Strategy, and whether you want to take part in an international exchange. The course chosen from the options in your first year will determine your pathway.

For the complete three-year Bachelor of Commerce International Business major degree plan, see Te Kura Umanga | UC Business School website.

International Business minor

For the minor in the Bachelor of Arts, Commerce, Digital Screen, Health Sciences, Product Design, Science, Social and Environmental Sustainability, Sport, or Youth and Community Leadership, complete the following courses:




Language and cultural courses

We recommend that if either English or te reo Māori is your native language, and you have not had prior experience in a foreign language, that you take language courses throughout your degree. UC offers study in the following languages:

You will be directed to the appropriate level of courses based on an assessment of your language ability. This will be carried out by the relevant language department. The selected language or cultural courses must be approved.

Native speakers of a foreign language are not permitted to take courses in that language or culture for credit towards the major or minor.

International exchange

During your first year of the major or minor, you are encouraged to apply for an international exchange, taken in Semester 2 of your second year. Courses from other universities will be credited to the major or minor programme.

You will need to apply by 1 July in your first year at UC. (Note: some applications are as early as 31 May.) For further information consult the interactive degree plans for International Business.

You are encouraged to go on exchange to a country whose language/culture you have studied. However, this may not always be possible due to restrictions placed on the number of students that can go to a particular exchange university. You are not able to go on an exchange in your country of origin.

In some circumstances it may be best for you to go on your international exchange in your third year. In this situation, if you wish to complete your degree in three years, it is crucial to choose an exchange university that offers courses which are direct substitutes for the required third-year International Business major courses.

While only 30 points of language and cultural studies are required, further language and/or cultural studies would be highly beneficial.

International Business

Career opportunities

Your practical knowledge of international business prepares you for careers on a global scale, whether working on business relations between countries, launching a new venture or product, managing a multinational organisation, or providing advice to expanding companies.

Career pathways could include:

  • international business executive
  • entrepreneur
  • foreign sales representative
  • trade consultant.

Find out more about what you can do with a degree in International Business.

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