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23 January 2024
Studying Spanish will give you an insight into this mix of old and new traditions which form the tapestry of Hispanic culture.




Spanish is as universal as English with the largest concentration of speakers in Spain, Central and Latin America, and the USA.

Learning Spanish will not only open you up to their beautiful cultures, but also to job opportunities in any part of the world.



What will my study involve?

  • Staff will work closely with you in your language and Hispanic culture classes.
  • Option to do an exchange with a Spanish university where you can practise your language and culture skills by studying abroad.
  • You can study Spanish within a range of different bachelor’s degrees, or you can also add a certificate or diploma in Spanish language alongside your other studies.



For the major in the Bachelor of Arts, complete the following courses:




Plus one course chosen from these options.

One of the following may also be counted as a Spanish course in the major:

It is highly recommended that you complete some Spanish language courses during your major study. The 100-level language courses are for absolute beginners or those with very little previous experience in Spanish language. Those with a high level of Spanish language proficiency may be given direct entry to 200-level language courses.

At least one non-language 300-level course is recommended for those intending to go onto postgraduate Spanish studies.

Spanish minor

For the minor in the Bachelor of Arts, Commerce, Digital Screen, Health Sciences, Product Design, Science, Social and Environmental Sustainability, Sport, or Youth and Community Leadership, complete the following courses:



Career opportunities

Through your studies you will learn skills in intercultural communication, as well as growing your understanding of the way global interactions shape society.

Career pathways could include:

  • interpreting and translation
  • international law
  • policy analysis
  • journalism.

Find out more about what you can do with a degree in Spanish.

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