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Undergraduate subject

Māori and Indigenous Health

05 October 2023
Students in this subject will be able to use, apply, and integrate Māori, bicultural, and indigenous knowledge and practices in their chosen health-related careers.


Māori and Indigenous Health


The Māori and Indigenous Health major combines Indigenous culture and practices with health and social services.

You will learn the content and skills to support community healthcare access and health outcomes in a way that respects their values and identities.

Māori and Indigenous Health

What will my study involve?

  • Explore different areas of Māori health and wellbeing: Te Ao Tangata (engaging with Māori communities), Te Ao Hauora (working with health professionals such as doctors and pharmacists), and Ngā Ratonga Hauora (working with health systems and social services).
  • Apply your study skills and support Māori wellbeing directly within local services through an internship.

Māori and Indigenous Health

Career opportunities

Your learning and experiences will contribute to health and social services that are more effective and appropriate for Aotearoa New Zealand communities overall.

Career pathways could include:

  • advocacy and welfare
  • community health liaison
  • health promotion
  • policy analysis.

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