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05 October 2023
Mathematics provides skills in independent thinking and problem solving, which are of use in many fields of employment.




Mathematics is at the forefront of breakthroughs in science, technology, and finance. It has been around for over 4,000 years and is still an innovative subject with new ideas, techniques, and theories constantly being created, tested, and explored.

Being a mathematician puts you one step ahead in preparing for the technological advances of the coming generation.


What will my study involve?

  • Study topics such as pure and applied mathematics, modern mathematical theories, key uses, and breakthroughs in mathematical history.
  • A wide range of mathematics courses to customise your study and gain skills towards particular career paths.
  • Research projects within UC and in connection with industry.



Mathematics major

For the major in the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science, complete the following courses:


If you have not taken mathematics to Year 13 level it is strongly advised to take MATH101 Methods of Mathematics.


Three courses chosen from:


Another two courses from 300-level MATH or STAT courses are also required if you intend to go onto postgraduate studies in Mathematics.

It is good to include other subject courses during your major study. Popular choices include Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Management, Physics, and Statistics.

Mathematics minor

For the minor in the Bachelor of Arts, Commerce, Digital Screen, Health Sciences, Product Design, Science, Social and Environmental Sustainability, Sport, or Youth and Community Leadership, complete the following courses:



Career opportunities

Because maths is used almost everywhere, a Mathematics major will open up many different career options. Roles in information technologies, finance, business, scientific research, law, teaching, and other fields will make the most of your logical reasoning skills.

Career pathways could include:

  • technology and product design
  • research mathematician
  • actuary
  • fraud investigator.

Find out more about what you can do with a degree in Mathematics.

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