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19 September 2023

Learn concepts, tools, and techniques needed to create 2D and 3D animations.





Animation combines art with movement, creating cinematic scenes and dynamic, believable worlds full of life and motion.

Studies at UC will help you develop your own personal animation style. You will also learn concepts, tools, and techniques needed to see the animation process from creation to post-production.

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What will my study involve?

  • Use traditional hand drawn and modern computer graphic techniques to create multi-dimensional characters and worlds.
  • Work in computer and motion capture labs.
  • Create your own portfolio of animation work.



Animation major

For the major in the Bachelor of Digital Screen with Honours, complete the following courses:



At 400-level your compulsory courses in the degree will focus on Animation projects.

Animation minor

For the minor in the Bachelor of Digital Screen with Honours, complete the following courses:

For the minor in the Bachelor of Arts, Commerce, Health Sciences, Product Design, Science, Social and Environmental Sustainability, Sport, or Youth and Community Leadership, complete the following courses:


Career opportunities

Your experiences working on animation and visual effects for video games, cinema, and other digital media will make you well-prepared for work in the fast-paced entertainment industry, as well as in roles in training, marketing, web design, and other areas needing animation expertise.

Career pathways could include:

  • animation
  • visual effects (VFX)
  • game art
  • graphic design.

Find out more about what you can do with a degree from UC.

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