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Student story

Madeline Keown

20 July 2023

"Christchurch is a really cool city and place to live..."


Studying towards a Bachelor of Sport Coaching in Strength and Conditioning with Nutrition, and Sport Science

As someone new to the South Island coming down from Wellington, Madeline has settled well into the adventurous spirit of Canterbury and UC.

"Christchurch is a really cool city and place to live! I’ve really liked all the different things on offer in Christchurch and how so many things are central; if you want to go play mini putt, or go the beach or to a lookout, it doesn’t take very long to get there. There’s also really cool food options in the city," she says.

Rochester and Rutherford Hall provided her with a support system, from staff and from fellow students transferring into university, and was one of the reasons Madeline chose to study at UC.

"In particular, I chose Rochester and Rutherford because I knew of the really good pastoral care, academic tutoring, and quality food that was on offer.

"R&R has honestly been everything I hoped for and more. From the amazing food that I brag to all my friends about, to the support from staff when the goings getting tough, the activities they’ve organised for us, and the awesome people I’ve met and started making connections with, I couldn’t recommend Rochester and Rutherford enough. My floor also has new bathrooms, so that’s been an added bonus!"

From hanging out in the hallways and rec room and ‘going on spontaneous adventures’ with her hall mates, Madeline definitely recommends the hall of residence experience for UC students.

"I would recommend halls to people who are from Christchurch or not. It’s an awesome way to meet people, get a feel of university life with a bunch of people who are in the same boat, and have support from people who know what UC life is like. It’s especially good that while you’re making the transition into university life, you can just turn up for meals and they’re already ready for you."

Originally intending to do Engineering at UC, Madeline decided on following her passions in her studies instead with Sport Coaching.

"I love sports and I love people so the Bachelor of Sport Coaching seemed like the obvious degree to change to," she says.

"I love that it’s all relevant and things I can apply to myself, my sport and my day-to-day life. I’m also interested in what I’m studying which makes it a lot easier to study and learn outside of class time. An added bonus of my degree is there’s lots of practical learning and sports too, which is super fun and an awesome way to meet people also studying sports coaching."

Some of her sporting activities include playing football for a Christchurch club, social futsal for Rochester and Rutherford Hall, and hockey for UC.

Madeline has a number of potential career paths in mind with her degree, from being a sports scientist for professional athletes, to being a strength and conditioning coach, through to being a fitness instructor for the Air Force, and looks forward to seeing where her studies will take her.

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