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Bachelor's degree

Bachelor of Sport Coaching

06 October 2023

Study a Bachelor of Sport Coaching through Te Kaupeka Oranga | Faculty of Health at the University of Canterbury.


Bachelor of Sport Coaching

Degree Structure - Duration
3 years full-time


Bachelor of Sport Coaching

Degree Structure - Start In
Not open to new enrolments - see UC's new Bachelor of Sport below.




2024 tuition fees estimate per 120 points:

  • Domestic — $7,043
  • International — $33,675


Bachelor of Sport Coaching



Note: The BSpC is not open to new enrolments. See UC's new Bachelor of Sport.


The Bachelor of Sport Coaching is the only specialist sport coaching degree in Aotearoa. With flexible learning and internships, this qualification caters for a wide variety of students.

Gain key skills employers are looking for, not just in sport and related fields, but in everything from communications to corporate management. You will learn skills such as leadership, accountability, communication, teamwork, motivation, and psychology.

Bachelor of Sport Coaching

What will my study involve?


  • Learn through a blend of practice and theory covering all aspects of sports coaching.
  • Focus your degree on sports of your choice, from individual sports to team sports and professional athletes.
  • Option to study a minor from subjects across Sport Coaching, Arts, Commerce, Digital Screen, Health Sciences, Science, and Youth and Community Leadership.
  • Get involved in the community through coaching in schools, teams, or in sports-related organisations throughout study.
  • This degree also provides a recognised pathway for entry to teaching qualifications, in particular physical education and health teaching at secondary level.

Bachelor of Sport Coaching

Subjects and courses

Sport Coaching courses are grouped into three main strands: pedagogy (the theory and application of coaching and learning), sport and exercise sciences, and sociology of sport. As well as core Sport Coaching courses throughout the three years of the degree, you will also study towards a major, a major and minor, or a double major.

See ‘Planning my degree’ below for an example degree structure diagram.

Compulsory courses

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Major subjects


Minor subjects


Bachelor of Sport Coaching

Career ready

  • Put your skills into practice with a 120-hour internship in your final year.
  • Gain skills in communication, management, leadership, teamwork, motivation, and psychology.
  • Graduates are working as strength and conditioning coaches, community sports coordinators, performance analysts, sports scientists, managers, and more.

Find out more about what can you do with a degree from UC.

2024 tuition fees estimate (per 120 points):

  • Domestic — $7,043
  • International — $33,675

2023 tuition fees estimate (per 120 points):

  • Domestic — $6,851
  • International — $32,000

SSL estimate (per 120 points):

  • 2024 — $1,100.40
  • 2023 — $992.40

Planning my study

Bachelor of Sport Coaching

Each small block represents a 15-point course. However, some courses may be 30 points or more.

This diagram is an example only – other combinations are possible. For specific course requirements, see the Regulations for the Bachelor of Sport Coaching.

Bachelor of Sport Coaching

How do I plan my degree?


The BSpC is made up of a total of 360 points:

  • 135 points of compulsory courses
  • at least 120 points towards a major
  • the remaining points can be from Sport Coaching courses or other degrees.

A minimum of 225 points must be from courses above 100-level, with at least 90 points at 300-level.

The degree takes 3 years of full-time study, or can be studied part-time for up to 6 years.

For the full degree requirements, see the Regulations for the Bachelor of Sport Coaching.

Majors and minors

BSpC students have the option of completing either:

  • a major
  • a major and a minor
  • two majors (a double major).

Each major has specific course requirements, but all consist of a minimum 120 points, with at least 45 points at 200-level and at least 60 points at 300-level.

A minor consists of a minimum of 75 points, including at least 45 points above 100-level, in a single subject chosen from Sport Coaching, Arts, Commerce, Digital Screen, Health Sciences, Science, or Youth and Community Leadership degrees.

Distance study option

Most BSpC courses are available to study on campus or as a distance online learning option.

Distance study supports students from other UC degree programmes, as well as people who are employed or lead busy lives.

If you are enrolled in an online distance course you will be supported through online resources, such as discussion forums, recorded lectures, and video tutorials.

You can also study part-time for up to 6 years.

Certificate Option

For those who wish to gain an entry-level qualification in Sport Coaching, there is a certificate option. The Certificate in Sport Coaching is available part-time or over one semester. It can lead onto the full bachelor's degree.

Those already with an undergraduate degree or relevant post-secondary school study and work experience may consider the Graduate Certificate in Sport Coaching; an online, flexible learning qualification that enables you to develop your professional coaching skills.


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