Bachelor of Data Science


Data science is one of the world’s fastest growing professions. The Bachelor of Data Science degree (BDataSc) will prepare you to excel in our data-focused world.


Data science is a massive emerging growth area globally and considered one of the essential skills of the 21st century.

The Bachelor of Data Science takes you deep into the world of ‘big data’ – the vast amounts of data generated and collected by people and organisations every second. You’ll learn how to analyse past and current data; reveal patterns and trends on a large scale; and provide predictions and insights into everything from social behaviours to the natural environment.  

Be prepared with the knowledge and skills employers are looking for in a data-focused world.

*subject to Te Pōkai Tara | Universities New Zealand CUAP approval

Study data science at UC and you will:

  • Learn from highly regarded experts in biology, computing, data science, geography, linguistics, mathematics and more.
  • We collaborate with a range of specialist, internationally recognised organisations working in the data science.
  • Learn and study in a new state-of-the-art regional research centre with high-tech computing systems and technology.
  • This is a practical, work-focused degree developed in response to industry demand, with input from employers.

The BDataSc degree contains a core of maths, data science and computer science. Along with these core subjects, students choose a ‘major’ subject to specialise in. We offer five majors in the BDataSc:

Bioinformatics. Use a wide range of applications and tools to understand and manage the vast amounts of complex biological data generated from scientific research.

Computational Linguistics. Apply computer science to the analysis, synthesis and comprehension of written and spoken language. Used in everything from speech recognition systems to search engines.

Data Science. Analyse past and current data to provide predictions and valuable insights into everything from social behaviours to the natural environment.

Population Health Data Science. Find data-driven solutions to disease prevention and improve public health and well-being on a large scale.

Spatial Data Science. Use location-based data and tools like Geographic Information Systems to find patterns and tackle complex problems.

Year 1

Year 2
Year 3
MAJOR (30 point project)
    Required courses for Bachelor of Data Science
    Major subject courses for Bachelor of Data Science
    Courses from Data Science or other degrees
(1) SCIE 101 is a compulsory course for all BDataSc students.
Each small block represents a 15-point course. However, some courses may be 30 points (or more).

As a graduate of BDataSc, you can develop your independent research skills, or boost your career and earning potential with postgraduate qualifications in data science or other specialist fields, including:

There’s a growing demand for data scientists across all employment areas, driven by the exponential growth of data and a desire by industry and governments to use that data for better outcomes. As organisations all over the world recognise the value of ‘Big Data’ and what it can reveal, they’re increasingly needing people who can make sense of it.

A range of career options are available for graduates in the following areas:

  • technology, finance or insurance companies
  • research and science organisations
  • healthcare and medical sector
  • start-up and consulting businesses
  • government agencies

Interested in studying towards a Bachelor of Data Science?