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Undergraduate subject

Computational Linguistics

28 October 2023
Computational Linguistics at UC will give you theoretical and applied skills in computer modelling language.


Computational Linguistics


Computational Linguistics combines linguistics, engineering, and science to evolve the way we use machines. It involves learning how to program computers to analyse, synthesise, and understand spoken or written language.

Your studies will give you skills in computer modelling, speech processing, and machine learning allowing you to digitise language and evolve our interactions with machines.

Computational Linguistics

What will my study involve?

  • Explore computer science and AI programming, alongside language structure and theory, and human psychology.
  • Learn from experts from a range of UC research centres.
  • Practical learning using computer and software labs, human-computer interaction spaces, and equipment.

Computational Linguistics

Career opportunities

The applications of computational linguistics are vast — from voice recognition tools, live translation devices, search engines, and many other technologies where humans and machines interact.

Career pathways could include:

  • technology research and development
  • data analysis
  • software programming
  • Artificial Intelligence engineering.

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