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Bachelor's degree

Bachelor of Music

06 October 2023

With a Bachelor of Music (MusB) at UC you can major in Performance, Composition, Music Studies, or Creative Music Technology. Learn more about studying a MusB through our Te Kaupeka Toi Tangata | Faculty of Arts.


Bachelor of Music

Degree Structure - Duration
3 years full-time, up to 10 years part-time


Bachelor of Music

Degree Structure - Start In
Semester 1 or 2 (February or July)




2024 tuition fees estimate per 120 points:

  • Domestic — $7,535
  • International — $36,588


Bachelor of Music


Music features in every culture and society around the world, whether for enjoyment or to express and understand messages and ideas. The global music industry is growing and changing, and music professionals now have more career options available to them than ever before.

With a MusB, you can choose from four specialised majors to get you closer to your career in music.

UC Music student performing a vocal and piano piece to an audience.

Bachelor of Music

What will my study involve?

  • You will have plenty of opportunities to perform, with many concerts hosted across our Ilam and Arts Centre campuses each year.
  • Enjoy unique learning spaces in our Arts Centre locations.
  • Connect with the community through internships and collaborative projects.
  • Combine your interests with the option to do a double major.

Bachelor of Music

Entry requirements

Admission to UC with University Entrance (or equivalent) is required to enrol.

If English is your additional language, you are also required to meet UC's English language requirements.

See Admission and enrolment for all information on enrolling at UC.


Recommended preparation

The Bachelor of Music is open to everyone (except for the Performance major — see below). Having some previous study or knowledge of music will be especially helpful.


Performance courses

Entry to some first-year Performance courses are limited based on an audition with an instrument or in singing.

Applications for 2024 have now closed. Please use this form to apply to audition for 2025. The form contains key information on the audition process.

Bachelor of Music

Subjects and courses

The MusB has been designed to give you flexibility in choosing your courses throughout study. You will take core music courses and select additional courses from your chosen major.

See ‘Planning my degree’ below for an example degree structure diagram.


Compulsory courses

Year 1

Plus complete the required 100-level courses from your chosen major.

Year 2

Plus complete the required 200-level courses from your chosen major.

Year 3

At least another 45 points will also need to be chosen from elective Music courses.

Plus complete the required 300-level courses from your chosen major.


Bachelor of Music

Career ready

  • Put your skills into practice through opportunities to perform and internships.
  • Alongside your skills in music creation and practice, you will also gain skills in communication, teamwork, project management, and creative thinking.
  • Graduates are working as composers, sound designers, performers, producers, music therapists, music educators, and more.

Find out more about what can you do with a degree from UC.

2024 tuition fees estimate (per 120 points):

  • Domestic — $7,535
  • International — $36,588

2023 tuition fees estimate (per 120 points):

  • Domestic — $7,330
  • International — $35,163

SSL estimate (per 120 points):

  • 2024 — $1,100.40
  • 2023 — $992.40

Planning my study

Example degree structure diagram
Bachelor of Music

Each small block represents a 15-point course. However, some courses may be 30 points or more.

This diagram is an example only – other combinations are possible. For specific course requirements, see the Regulations for the Bachelor of Music.

Bachelor of Music

How do I plan my degree?

The Bachelor of Music requires a total of 360 points:

  • 135 points of compulsory Music courses
  • at least 75 points towards a major
  • at least another 45 points of elective Music courses
  • 105 points of courses in Music or from other degrees.

A minimum of 90 points must be at 300-level (60 points of which must be from Music courses). No more than 135 points can be at 100-level.

The degree takes 3 years of full-time study, or can be studied part-time for up to 10 years.

For the full degree requirements, see the Regulations for the Bachelor of Music.


Double degrees

It is possible to study a Bachelor of Music alongside other degrees at the same time, such as the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Commerce.

Find out more information about Double degrees.


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