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Student story

Antonia Avéres

20 July 2023

"I love how involved it is with everything..."


Studying towards a Bachelor Music in Performance and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Antonia’s unique degree combination has set her well on the path for a career in musical therapy or education.

Initially thinking about studying Law, Antonia was inspired to go a whole new direction and follow her passions in Music and Psychology at UC.

"I visited on Open Day purely for the sake of it, and fully fell in love with the campus – from the old architecture of the Arts Centre to the brand new Science buildings," she says. "I was motivated by the knowledge that I can achieve a degree while studying the subject I love, making it easier to in the future get a higher paying job that I’ll hopefully enjoy."

Majoring in vocal performance has Antonia spend much of her time in the music rooms for singing practice, alongside playing the piano and ukulele, and self-learning the guitar. She also dabbles in MUSOC and DRAMASOC clubs as a fan of musical theatre, and is an avid member of the UC Fencing Club.

"It’s really fun doing a MusB and a BSc! Getting to combine theory-based Science courses and practical Music courses creates variation in what you study and opens up unique job opportunities in the future. In Music even the non-performance courses aren’t exam-based and involve a substantial amount of practical work, and in Psychology I get to learn about how and why the brain works."

Coming from Wellington, Antonia chose to spend her first year living at University Hall accommodation to make the move to the new city easier.

"As a first year straight out of high school, I decided that living in a catered hall would be far less stressful, and also more fun! I can also live closer to campus in a hall, which is great for fencing on Saturday mornings and those 8am lectures," she says.

"Moving in was terrifying but exciting at the same time; I was moving into a brand new situation where I knew no one. Even if you don’t think you’ll make friends or won’t know anyone, everyone’s in the same boat for those first few weeks. Living in a hall of residence is a surefire way to meet other first years from both in and out of Christchurch, and it doesn’t take much to meet and make new best friends."

Antonia made a point of participating in a range of events when first starting to help make University Hall "feel like home".

"I love how involved it is with everything,’ she says. "From my window I have a great view of the Kate Sheppard lawn and other buildings surrounding it. All day people come and go, play sports, or just sit and hold conversations. My building has run bathroom barbershops twice so far this year, and in O Week there was a day of lawn games. Every Thursday evening, there are free pancakes at Uni Hall.

"I’m settling in great so far. Take part in the activities offered – I bonded with the other people in my building by taking a chance and signing up for the Amazing Race. Honestly, just put your fears behind you. Everyone feels the same way."

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