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Student story

Montana Lancaster

31 August 2023

"It was such a new experience and created some great memories..."

Studying towards a Bachelor of Music in Performance

How did you come to choose your Music degree?

I wanted to be able to utilise talents of mine whilst learning new things and gaining more skills in music theory and performance. I was looking around for music courses and found that UC was the most flexible, but most in depth study I could find. There were loads of options for a major and different papers to choose from.

So do you think others wanting to study Music should go to UC?

Absolutely. Since being here I’ve found myself so much more engaged and focused on music theory as well as performing. I think that most people who are wanting to study music in some way will be able to find a place in the UC course. It is great for performers, composers, and even digital musicians. You can learn pieces of everything to do with music, in the front line or behind the scenes.

What’s your favourite part about studying?

Well, I have a few favourites. I like the tutorials a lot because they are a wonderful opportunity to ask questions. The lectures are in depth and are posted online so if you are missing any info, you can go back and find it! UC is in such a nice area as well. The trees around campus are a breath of fresh air and it is amazing hearing the birds and the wind while sitting in class.

Since you love the campus so much, you’re also living in University Hall accommodation in one of the self-contained couples’ flats. What’s that been like?

It has been really good! It’s always nice and warm inside, the water pressure is IMMACULATE, which is such a good deal with a great price! I also feel very safe here, because if I were ever to have any issues, there are people around 24/7 to ensure students’ safety and wellbeing.

It’s also nice and close to campus, so I can walk over to classes every day and smell the fresh air instead of bussing or driving to classes!

What are your highlights so far?

Definitely the activities in O-week. Making friends, exploring campus, as well as facilities at University Hall. It was such a new experience and created some great memories.

Another highlight of mine is when our RA comes to visit. It’s always great having somebody check in on you and have a chat. That is something I always look forward to.

Any recommendations for anyone thinking of staying in campus accommodation?

Apply early! Doing this ensures less stress of rushing to apply at the last minute.

If you make it, be kind to each other! And make friends, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to do so. Also... practice cooking! (Especially popcorn...)

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