Morgan Jones, All our Afternoons, c.2000

Morgan Jones
All our Afternoons, c.2000

Morgan Jones
All our Afternoons, c.1990

Carved sandstone.
Location: Ilam Campus, History / English Quadrangle: See trail map No: #7 (PDF, 2.5KB)

This solid sandstone sculpture was originally located in Spencer Park where it was buried under debris. This may have been taking Jones's preference for his sculptures to be in isolated positions that blend in with the landscape a bit too far. Although the work is not as isolated here at the University, it is nonetheless often mistaken for part of the landscape, sometimes being used by students as a seat.

Early in his career, Jones would concentrate on one material, carve several shapes out of it, and then join them together. 'All Our Afternoons' demonstrates this technique very well. As Jones continued developing his methods and style, he began to incorporate several mediums into one piece and focused more on how the piece related to its surrounding environment. Although unintentional, it is observable in 'All Our Afternoons' how Jones’s raw material comments on the robust aesthetic of the surrounding University buildings.

Artist's Biography

Morgan Jones, (b.1934)

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