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Andrew Drummond Vented Standing Device with Casting, 1994

20 November 2023

Mixed Media.
UC/APC/940. Purchased 2005.
Location: Ilam Campus, Central Library,
Level 5 (James Hight Building)


‘Vented Standing Device with Casting was purchased by the University's Art Acquisitions Committee in November 2005. This work created as part of the series which lead to the ‘For beating and breathing’ exhibition at the Robert McDougall Art Gallery in 1995.

Drummond used the term ‘Device’ in the title deliberately, in order to allude to the sculpture having a possible technological function. On closer inspection however, this sculpture has a function only in a metaphorical sense. It is simply an ‘object of delight’.

The glass sphere serves to set it apart, making the sculpture untouchable and encapsulating it in its own atmosphere. The idea of a specific atmosphere was also an important one for Drummond, the dome serving not just to hold the viewer out, but to capture inside a moment in time.

Artist's Biography

Andrew Drummond.(b.1951)

Andrew Drummond
Vented Standing Device with
Casting, 1994
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