Wananga landing Wananga landing

Llew Summers Lorna, c.1983

20 November 2023

Location: Dovedale Campus, Library Quadrangle


'Lorna' is a study of human emotion. We observe a girl in a hunched position, with a forlorn and mournful manner, whose large legs and feet create a feeling of encumbrance.

Llew Summers believes that art should be a celebration of beauty, and that a perfect expression of this is the naked human form. Often Summers will employ movement, or the perception of movement, in his pieces to demonstrate emotion, while his nudes are usually expressively enlarged in order to exaggerate their elegance and form.  

Summers produces mainly figurative works, in large simplified forms, using a variety of materials such as concrete, marble, wood and ceramics. His large concrete works are usually modeled in clay and cast in concrete. 

In more recent years, Summers has begun to create works which are more overtly spiritual in addition to his human forms. A controversial commission was the 'Stations of The Cross' in the Roman Catholic Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, Christchurch (2005).

Artist's Biography

Llew Summers, (b.1947)

Llew Summers
Lorna, c.1983
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