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Ronnie van Hout End Doll, 2007

20 November 2023

Mixed media.
UC/APC/1173. Purchased 2007.
Location: Ilam Campus, Central Library,
Level 2 (James Hight Building):


This art work has been temporarily removed for conservation purposes and will be returned soon.

Marketed as ‘In some respects, even better than the real thing!’, the ‘End Doll’ by Ronnie van Hout was commissioned as a fundraiser for the 10th anniversary of local gallery The Physics Room. Clothed in a smart suit and sneakers, the doll bears a remarkable resemblance to the artist, and is eerily housed in its own coffin-shaped boxIs it a self portrait? Van Hout would claim we can’t handle the truth, and that at any rate, the question might be irrelevant.

Continuing with the slightly tongue in cheek theme, accompanying the doll is a video of van Hout interviewing someone else about his art. Unfortunately we could not display the video as part of the sculpture trail, but you can view it on request at the MacMillan Brown Library.

Artist's Biography

Ronnie Van Hout

Ronnie van Hout
End Doll, 2007
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