Wananga landing Wananga landing

Lit LeWitt, 1994

Neil Dawson

20 November 2023

Aluminium wire construction.
UC/APC/647. Purchased 1994.
Location: Ilam Campus, Central Library, Level 2 (James Hight Building)


'Lit LeWitt' is a tribute to minimalism, a straightforward construction with strong straight lines and simple geometry. It is not surprising then to discover that the work was inspired by minimalist American artist Sol LeWitt (1928-2007), who was for much of his career absorbed by the form of the cube.

In 'Lit LeWitt' Dawson has taken a very normal shape, not so different in form from an everyday cardboard box, and created something that evokes a very different response than one might have towards a cardboard box. By creating several boxes within the larger whole, Dawson gives a depth and corporeality to the work that makes it go from simply a box to a spatial presence that demands your attention.

Dawson’s sculptures have been described as being like “drawing in the air”. Working primarily with metal, carbon fibre and epoxy resin, he has experimented with a variety of means for constructing and shaping his creations. The result has been works which often create a sense of illusion, suggesting the space and depth of three dimensions where in fact there are not, and hinting at a robust strength while yet still seeming almost weightless

Artist's Biography

Neil Dawson. (b.1948)

Neil Dawson
Lit LeWitt, 1994
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