Wananga landing Wananga landing

Jeff Thomson Bouquet, 2003

20 November 2023

Screen printed and cut corrugated iron.
UC/CCE/228. Purchased 2003.
Location: Ilam Campus, Rehua entry foyer, Level 1


This screen-printed floral tribute by Jeff Thomson is a more recent example of his work with corrugated iron. As with ‘Corrugated Spiral’, despite the weight of the material, the work retains a sense of liveliness and delicacy. The inventive ways in which Thomson is able to manipulate this material comes from constantly revisiting it, and searching for new ways of working with it to solve new problems.

Along with number 8 wire, corrugated iron has an almost iconic status in New Zealand. Nonetheless, Thomson still finds his use of the material challenged in a way that a potter working continuously with clay, or a painter working repeatedly with oils, is not questioned.

Artist's Biography

Jeff Thomson, (b.1957)

Jeff Thomson
Bouquet, 2003
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