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Master of Commerce

03 October 2023

Study a Master of Commerce through Te Kura Umanga | UC Business School at University of Canterbury.


Master of Commerce

Degree Structure - Duration
12–18 months full-time


Master of Commerce

Degree Structure - Start In
Semester 1 or 2 (February or July)




2024 tuition fees estimate per 180 points:

  • Domestic — $12,791
  • International — $52,500


Master of Commerce


A Master of Commerce degree will allow you to learn more about your chosen subject area, critically view the world, and carry out an independent piece of research. These knowledge, skills, and competencies mean MCom graduates are well-prepared for professional roles and business consulting.

If you have been following the Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand programme, study in the MCom counts as one year of professional experience.

Students who have qualified for a Bachelor of Commerce with Honours or equivalent may be admitted to the MCom by thesis only in that major (one year, worth 120 points).

Master of Commerce

Why Study - Body

Why study a Master of Commerce at UC?

As an MCom graduate you will be able to:

  • demonstrate in-depth knowledge and understanding of contemporary thought and developments within your specific research area
  • evaluate the implications of your own research findings for the wider body of relevant academic literature
  • synthesise academic literature and communicate research findings, both orally and in written form, consistent with academics working in your chosen discipline.

Master of Commerce

Entry Requirements - Body

Entry requirements

You will need to have completed one of the following:

  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Science in Economics, Finance, or Computer Science
  • any bachelor's degree, and a relevant graduate diploma in your major subject.

Prerequisites vary between majors, but normally good grades in 300-level courses in the subject concerned are required. For information on the prerequisites for each subject, see the Master of Commerce Schedule.

If English is your additional language, you are also required to meet UC's English language requirements.

For the full entry requirements, see the Regulations for the Master of Commerce or use the admission requirements checker.

How to apply

You can apply online at myUC. Find out more about how to apply for graduate and postgraduate qualifications.

Master of Commerce

Subjects and Courses - Body

Subjects and courses

See the Master of Commerce Schedule for course options and requirements for each subject.

Major subjects for the Master of Commerce are:

  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Information Systems
  • Management (not currently open to new enrolments)
  • Marketing (not currently open to new enrolments)
  • Taxation

Master of Commerce

Career - Body

Career opportunities

Postgraduate study can bring many career benefits eg, specialist skills and enhanced knowledge, entry into specific occupations, higher starting salary/progression rates, research capability/achievement, and evidence of high academic attainment/self-discipline.

Useful information:

2024 tuition fees estimate (per 180 points):

  • Domestic — $12,791
  • International — $52,500

2023 tuition fees estimate (per 180 points):

  • Domestic — $12,046 - $12,443
  • International — $50,550

SSL estimate (per 180 points):

  • 2024 — $1375.50 (capped at 150 points per academic year)
  • 2023 — $1240.50 (capped at 150 points per academic year)

Master of Commerce

Degree Structure - Body

How do I plan my degree?

The Master of Commerce degree consists of 180 points, of which between 90–120 points is coursework (between six and nine courses), and a 90-point thesis or a 60-point dissertation.

The MCom take 12–18 months full-time, or 18–36 months part-time to complete. Enrolment is normally full-time unless you are approved for part-time study.

For full requirements, see the Regulations for the Master of Commerce.


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