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Student story

Sarah Little

20 July 2023

"It will genuinely teach you more than you would expect..."


Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resource Management and Marketing

Studying towards a Master of Commerce in Management

Human Resource Management studies was Sarah’s ideal degree to discover more about how to help businesses "use their people to do their best".

Enrolling with her local university, Sarah saw UC as her way to fulfil her passions for engaging with others and get the most of both study and social opportunities.

"UC is an incredible university that has a real sense of community and belonging. It has so many support programmes, groups, and clubs that it makes studying so enjoyable, because you want the university lifestyle alongside the learning. These things together is what makes being here so rewarding," she says.

One such aspect Sarah looked forward to in her degree was taking the MGMT 390 Intern Consulting Project course, which saw her placed with the Waimakariri District Council based in Rangiora.

"It feels like such an accomplishment to do something different and actually of use to an organisation – not just for university credits," she says. "It will genuinely teach you more than you would expect, and the challenge of it is an exhilarating change that genuinely motivates and excites you."

Sarah had been tasked to provide recommendations on how the Council could attract and improve their reputation with younger employees by building an enjoyable working culture.

This involved conducting interviews and surveys amongst the organisation, including with UC students, to determine what younger employees look for when finding their ideal job, such as flexible working hours and a positive team working environment.

"I valued the immersion and learning what it is like to behave in an organisation, and the fact that my youthful perspective was appreciated and sought after, and that a team of full-time workers let me into their team and taught me so much."

The project was especially helpful for Sarah to develop a sense of confidence and pride in her abilities.

"It has been a taste of the next step up from guided university assignments. Such a self-led project is extremely valuable in teaching you how you work best and what you can achieve. It has given me confidence to go into my Master’s study. It has also taught me about how I behave in a workplace – to be self-aware and engaging, and much more.

"It has felt so fulfilling to be doing something constructive on your own, and made me excited for what is to come!"

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