Jeff Thomson, Corrugated Spiral, 1997

Jeff Thomson

Jeff Thomson
Corrugated Spiral, 1997

Corrugated Iron.
APC/97/17. Purchased 1997.
Location: Ilam Campus, Central Lecture Theatres (C Block): See trail map No: #6 (PDF, 2.5KB)

Jeff Thomson has forged a career of working with metal and playing with notions of accessibility, to develop a unique and playful sculptural style. His repeated use of corrugated iron has been linked to a fascination with roadside folk art, which developed early in his career during walks in rural Auckland.

In 'Corrugated Spiral', Thomson’s lighthearted technique is shown at its best. The corrugated iron, which might normally seem heavy and industrial, is deftly turned into delicate lace. Despite the robust nature of the media, ‘Corrugated Spiral’ is light, bouncy and charming. Thomson deliberately works to redefine the essence of sculpture in this manner, by injecting a ‘childlike charm’ into his works.

Artist's Biography

Jeff Thomson, (b.1957)

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