Noel Gregg
Untitled [Gate], c.2003

Noel Gregg
Untitled [Gate] c.2003

Forged iron.
UC/CCE/104. Purchased 2003.
Location: Ilam Campus, Engineering Library, Level 1 Stairwell: See trail map No: #12 (PDF, 1.4KB)

This art work is temporarily unavailable due to building remediation.

This elaborate forged iron gate by Noel Gregg was purchased for the College of Education art collection to demonstrate the wide variety of craft arts being practiced in New Zealand beyond the fine arts. An exquisite bowl by Ann Robinson was purchased too, and sits cheerfully alongside a collection of New Zealand studio pottery.

The craft arts have had a long history at Canterbury, being first taught as applied arts at the Canterbury College School of Art. When the School opened in 1882, the syllabus noted that it was ‘ concerned with teaching art for trades and manufactures, and training art teachers, as well as general art appreciation’. At the College of Education, craft arts have also played a particularly important role educating future art teachers. The ability for students to see and feel original examples of artists’ work is invaluable. Perhaps more importantly, craft art also offers students the opportunity to consider what art is. Does it matter if an artwork is both beautiful and functional, and what really separates a landscape painting from a gate?

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Noel Gregg

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