Sculptures at UC

Neil Dawson. Lit LeWitt, 1994

Neil Dawson
Lit LeWitt, 1994

Ronnie van Hout. End Doll, 2007

Ronnie van Hout
End Doll
, 2007

Jeff Thomson. Corrugated Spiral, 1997

Jeff Thomson
Corrugated Spiral, 1997

Morgan Jones. All our afternoons, c.1990

Morgan Jones
All our afternoons, c.1990

Rodney Newton-Broad. Small Judge, 1968

Rodney Newton-Broad
Small Judge, 1968

Hall and MacKenzie. Untitled [Test Structure], c.1970

Hall and MacKenzie
Untitled [Test Structure], c.1970

Alexander Fraser. Sir Apirana Ngata, c.1945

Alexander Fraser
Sir Apirana Ngata, c.1945

Francesco Somaini. The Navigator, 1960-1961

Francesco Somaini
The Navigator, 1960-1961

Russell Clark. The Family Group, 1960

Russell Clark
The Family Group, 1960

Ria Bancroft & Pat Mulcahy. Energetic Forms, 1965 -1966

Ria Bancroft & Pat Mulcahy
Energetic Forms, 1965 -1966

Noel Gregg. Untitled [Gate], c.2003

Noel Gregg
Untitled [Gate], c.2003

Jeff Thomson. Bouquet, 2003

Jeff Thomson
Bouquet, 2003

Derek Lardelli. Untitled, 1999

Derek Lardelli
, 1999

Rosemary Johnson. An Installation, 1980

Rosemary Johnson
An Installation, 1980

Donald Paterson. Jubilee Sculpture, 2003

Donald Paterson
Jubilee Sculpture, 2003

Llew Summers.

Llew Summers
Lorna, c.1983