Sussie Morrish

ProfessorSussie Morrish

Meremere 230
Internal Phone: 93794


Research Interests

Sussie's research interests revolve around the interface between marketing and entrepreneurship, portfolio entrepreneurs, airline alliances and strategic marketing. In particular, she investigates various strategic approaches to internationalisation, corporate venturing, sustainability and entrepreneurial decision-making. Her current research includes the effect of disasters on entrepreneurial businesses.

Recent Publications

  • Jones R., Morrish S., Heyworth-Thomas E. and Graham E. (2023) Post-Pandemic Marketing: Use of Business Crisis Recovery Frameworks to Enhance Entrepreneurial Marketing Education. Journal of Marketing Education
  • Mashal N. and Morrish S. (2023) Enablers and Barriers of digitalisation impacting the innovation life cycle of primary health organisations specifically General Practices Medical Centres during a pandemic: A New Zealand study.
  • Mashal N. and Morrish SC. (2023) An investigation into the digitalisation of New Zealand general practice services during COVID-19. New Zealand Medical Journal 136(1568): 84-97.
  • Mashal N. and Morrish SC. (2023) COVID-19 Pandemic Planning and Management: The Case of New Zealand General Practice Medical Centres. COVID 3(9): 1440-1453.
  • Mills C. and Morrish S. (2023) Responding responsibly to crisis and disaster: The communication challenges. Beyond the dark arts: Emerging issues in social responsibility and ethics in marketing and communication: 291-313.World Scientific.