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Student story

Erwan Dzarin Mar

07 December 2023

Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing, with a minor in Human Resource Management


Why did you decide to come to UC? 

I chose UC for its prestigious rankings and its unwavering commitment to academic excellence. The campus has state-of-the-art facilities conducive to learning, and its location in Christchurch offers an immersive experience in both natural beauty and diverse cultures. I had also heard from recent graduates about what a great school UC is.

What stands about UC’s education? 

What truly makes the education at UC different is the genuine care and accessibility of its lecturers. They not only have great expertise in their fields, but they’re also deeply committed to students’ success. I always feel valued and supported, and it’s easy to seek guidance and clarification. It’s made my academic journey both enriching and enjoyable.

What is the support like for international students at UC Business School? 

The support system set in place by UC Business School is remarkable. The Internationalisation Team consistently goes the extra mile, not only for our academic endeavours but also for assimilating to life in New Zealand. They foster a sense of community, which makes us feel not only welcome but also genuinely cared for and appreciated.

How do you find life at UC? 

It’s really rewarding. I appreciate the top-notch education and opportunities for skill development, all within the epic surroundings of Christchurch – it creates an inspiring atmosphere for learning. UC’s community is diverse and inclusive, enabling meaningful interactions and providing a global perspective, which has really enriched my journey.

What do you like most about living in New Zealand? 

New Zealand’s natural beauty is breath-taking. From scenic mountains to pristine beach and lush forest, it’s an outdoor paradise. I love the endless options for traveling, hiking, and exploring. The friendly, multicultural society truly stands out, and there’s a big emphasis on work-life balance.

How does being involved in clubs at UC benefit you? 

I’m one of the event managers for the Canterbury Malaysian Students’ Association. It’s been rewarding, offering me lots of growth and opportunities. It’s a fantastic chance to engage with diverse groups of students, which has broadened my cultural awareness and communication skills. It also aligns with my goals of enhancing my leadership and time management skills, and building my network. The collaboration with other clubs has also helped hone my language and communication skills.

How well do you think your degree is preparing you for your future career?

The education at UC is providing me with a strong foundation for a career in marketing. It offers a well-rounded blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The opportunities to delve into specific subjects have been incredibly valuable. The availability of internship opportunities and industry connections has also been instrumental in enhancing my career readiness. I feel very well-prepared for a successful career.

Would you recommend UC to other international students? 

Yes, I highly recommend it. The academic reputation and diverse range of programmes is excellent, and UC is incredibly welcoming towards international students, making it easy to feel at home. The global connections you make here are invaluable. I genuinely believe UC offers a world-class education and an unforgettable cultural experience. It’s a fantastic choice for an international student.

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