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Student story

Beatrice Ho

07 December 2023

Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Human Resource Management


Why did you decide to come to UC? 

When I saw UC on social media, I found the student life was exactly what I was looking for. I saw all the events and fun activities the student clubs put on and I thought, wow! You get to study, but at the same time UC is supporting you to have fun.

Christchurch is also more affordable compared to other cities, so I have more money to spend on things like traveling.

What are the lecturers and classes at UC like? 

The lecturers here are really approachable. They create a welcoming and inclusive environment, and my classmates are kind and understanding. I’m not afraid of being judged for asking questions. I also like hearing from guest lecturers and gaining insight into the real business world. 

Are there any support programmes you found particularly helpful? 

I’m in the Tūhono programme, which connects international Business School students to grow our cultural intelligence by sharing our experiences. We’re close friends and hang out outside the programme as well. I’ve met people from all over the world. It’s a good starting place to meet people, and it really provides insight to other cultures.

What do you like most about life at UC?

There are so many clubs at UC! You meet a lot of friends and have a lot of fun. I really like how they encourage students to participate. There are a lot of events you can’t find back in Malaysia, like when they built a whole ski area on campus. And the international ball was great!

Have you discovered any new interests or hobbies since coming to UC? 

I recently started hiking and fell in love with it; the views are so nice. I also tried Pilates for the first time through the UC Women in Business club, and now I go to classes on weekends. And the rec centre always has classes so I joined a spin class, and it was really fun!

Did you participate in any practical experience to help prepare you for your future career? 

Over winter break I did a month-long internship doing market research and a consulting project for a real New Zealand company. We had to advise them of their best options and opportunities. I got to apply what I learned in my classes, and at the end, my group was chosen to present our work to the company.

Are you involved in any other activities where you can put what you’re learning into practice?

I manage the international student social media account for UC’s Business School,, sharing exciting opportunities and capturing events. It brings international students together and offers a platform for memories they can look back on when they leave. I get to use my marketing skills while sharing what I like about UC.

Would you recommend UC to other international students? 

Yes! UC’s commitment to diversity is beyond my expectations. The campus is a melting pot of cultures, ideas, and experiences, fostering a global community that's both enriching and supportive. They put in a lot of effort to bond international and local students, so we feel like we belong.

UC really makes it feel like a home, no matter where you’re from. I find it a really safe, nice place to study. 

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