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SailGP Thought Leaders Connect with the UC Business School

26 March 2024

The first event of the 2024 UC MBA Thought Leadership Series Navigating Leadership with SailGP featured Tom Verity, Transition & Innovation Manager at SailGP, and Canada SailGP Team strategist, Annie Haeger.

The presentation saw the panellists share their insights on leadership in high-performance sport, the parallels between leadership in sailing and corporate environments, and the skills required to navigate complex sustainability decisions while also targeting high growth. Attendees were thrilled to gain real insight into SailGP extensive sustainability activities.

“I was astounded by SailGP’s commitment to pioneering new sustainability initiatives, what Tom and Annie described went far beyond securing social license to hold an event and presented an authentic desire to impact the future of the sport and the communities they take place in,” says UC MBA Director Elsamari Botha.

The UC MBA Thought Leadership event was part of SailGP Inspire, SailGP’s community, education and outreach initiative. SailGP Inspire aims to serve a leading role in helping to diversify the sport of sailing for youth without race, gender, and socioeconomic status presenting a barrier to entry.

The UC MBA Thought Leadership Series brings together leading business minds from New Zealand and abroad. Industry, students, and alumni are invited to be inspired by innovative and insightful expertise from executives and entrepreneurs.

Alongside the UC MBA Thought Leadership event, 20 UC students had the opportunity to tour behind the scenes at SailGP, the opportunity was provided by the UC Centre for Entrepreneurship in partnership with SailGP hosts ChristchurchNZ. The students who joined the tour were from UC Engineering, UC Product Design, and the UC Business School.

A recording of the UC MBA Thought Leadership Series event Navigating Leadership with SailGP can be viewed here.

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