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Student story

Shingo Arai

20 July 2023

"The content in the classes are very meaningful and easy to understand..."


Master of Business Management*

Executive Trainee, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Japan

 * Now offered as the Master of Business.

Shingo’s studies through UC’s Master of Business Management (MBM) have prepared him for a new career direction in business strategy and development.

He hopes to transition his family’s casino parlour business in Kobe, Japan into a growth industry, such as hospitality. The MBM programme at UC was ideal to help him gain managerial skills following his experiences working in the local tourism industry, with support from a UC Dean’s Award grant.

"This master’s degree is designed to re-observe working experience from academic point of view. If you already have working experience, the content in the classes are very meaningful and easy to understand and remember since it directly links to your experiences," he says.

The courses in the programme gave Shingo practical applications and links to real world business work, such as in accounting, finance, and law.

His particularly favourite aspect of the programme was the chance to network with local businesses and other business students.

"Most of my classmates are from India or China; these two countries have been showing an enormous growth these days in terms of business. So for me, it is a great opportunity to make friends who are going to work in those countries," he says.

Social activities on campus and around the South Island have also been a great benefit to study in New Zealand. Along with playing rugby football, touch rugby, and basketball through UC, Shingo has also enjoyed rock climbing, shower climbing waterfalls, back country skiing, and jet boating in the surrounding areas.

Since completing his degree, Shingo was quick to land work as an executive trainee at Hilton Hotels based in Japan.

"This is largely because of getting my degree at UC," he says. "I wish to attain lots of experience and bring that back to the hospitality industry of Japan."

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