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Student story

Dongjun (Deakin) Ren

07 December 2023

Bachelor of Commerce in Economics and Finance 


Why did you decide to come to UC?  

I chose UC primarily because of its comprehensive curriculum, expert faculty, and the opportunity to gain practical experience through internships and projects.

UC also demonstrates a commitment to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment for students, along with a vibrant campus life. 

How have you found UC?  

My time at UC has been a blast. It’s been fantastic. Making friends from all walks of life has enriched my experience, along with joining clubs like the Investment Society. I’ve cherished not only the academic growth, but also the memories and connections I’ve built along the way.  

What do you like most about UC overall?  

The UC Students’ Association arranges all sorts of brilliant events all year long, even during term breaks. There’s always free food, and it brings students together to socialise.

I’m also part of the Canterbury Malaysian Students’ Association, I chose that club because it has great events. They did one of my favourite events with the UC Indian Student Association, introducing their culture, wearing traditional clothes, and cooking local cuisine.  

What makes the education at UC stand out?  

Education at UC is dynamic and empowering. The courses offer students theoretical foundations and the Business School offers practical applications, like micro and virtual internships. I’ve done micro internships twice, it was awesome. I gained real-world experience for my CV, and also won some cash prizes for a market research project.  

How do you find the academic staff at UC?  

UC’s academic staff are absolutely approachable. They encourage you to ask all sorts of questions. The more I communicate with them, the more I’m interested and engaged in that subject or course, so it results in higher grades. 

What do you enjoy about your studies at UC?  

I like that my lecturers give me simulative projects, and I found I could directly apply technical skills that I learned. We have a lot of opportunities to do that with regular challenges and projects.

One of the most amazing things about UC is that it has really great connections to the professional world, so we have a lot of scholars and industry people as guest speakers.  

How was your transition from your pathway to UC?  

Overall it went quite smoothly. It was so easy that I almost didn’t even realise when it was sorted! UC Business School saved me from a lot of trouble and time. 

What is the support like for international students at UC Business School?   

The support is comprehensive, from your daily life to courses to part-time job to breakups. They have all the support you need, like Student Care and Health Centre, or even free legal advice. And it’s all free to students.  

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