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Student story

Narerat (Gigi) Fujii

07 December 2023

Master of Business in Management


Why did you choose UC for your master’s degree? 

I had been working for six years and found that I needed to upskill, so I decided to go back for my master’s. UC’s pathway with RSU enabled me to work and study at the same time, and that flexibility was important. UC Business School also helped a lot with my transition from Thailand to New Zealand.

I’m confident that pursuing a Master of Business in Management at UC will provide me with skills and knowledge in a variety of fields, and will open up many doors for me in the future.

What are you enjoying most about your studies? 

I love the opportunity to explore more complex business problems. The world is changing, there’s a lot of new innovation and technologies, and I’m learning it all here at UC.

I’m always fascinated in those things, it’s so different than in Asia. It’s really broadened my perspective and helped me get a deeper understanding of other cultures. 

How have you found UC’s academics?

The quality of the education at UC is amazing. The professors are very professional and intellectual, and the facilities are great. The lecturers are really supportive – I can email them any time or go to their office for help. 

How was your transition to UC and New Zealand?

Since I hadn’t studied for so long, the main challenge was adjusting to the academic world again. UC has a unique culture and grading system that differs from Thailand, so I had to adjust. But UC Business School and the RSU in general are so supportive, they made the transition easy!

What types of support did you find most helpful?  

UC Business School has a private tutor, which is great if you need help studying. I also used the support for writing papers because English isn’t my first language.

And there’s great career support for things like writing a CV and cover letters and how to interview. This was especially helpful because I want to work in New Zealand in the future, so it’s prepared me to succeed.

What is your favourite thing about UC life? 

I love the student life here and how the culture is very diverse. I get to learn about New Zealand culture in general, as well as about Māori, the indigenous culture – along with other international students’ cultures. I’ve gained a lot of different perspectives and broadened my world view.

Are you involved in any clubs or other activities outside of study? 

I’ve joined the UC Social Golf Society; it’s great to play with people who have that same enjoyment of the sport. I volunteer at retirement homes, helping prepare food or just talking to the residents. And I volunteer at a lot of events for the international clubs. All of these things let me experience many different things and meet new people. 

How did your part-time work benefit you while studying? 

Working part-time at an airport shop enabled me to engage with diverse customers and provide exceptional customer service, which was really helpful because it gave me experience in the New Zealand work culture. This is important because it will help me adjust to building my career in New Zealand.  

Would you recommend UC to other international students? 

Yes of course! I highly recommend it. Pursuing education here is a thrilling experience, in study and all the other opportunities – personal growth, experiencing other cultures.

My time here has been so wonderful. I left my comfort zone to study and build a better future career, and I’m so happy with my decision. 

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