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Department of Management, Marketing and Tourism

03 October 2023

UC's Department of Management, Marketing and Tourism is one of the leading business departments in New Zealand. Our award-winning researchers offer eight majors as part of a BCom. From Human Resource Management to Strategy and Entrepreneurship, learn more about our department.


Nau mai, haere mai. The Department of Management, Marketing and Tourism is one of the leading business departments within New Zealand. In the 2018 Performance-Based Research Funding rankings, the Department was ranked first in Marketing and Tourism, and third in Management (which includes the areas of Management, Human Resources, Industrial Relations, International Business, and Other Business).


The Department offers eight majors as part of the BCom, including: Management, International Business, Human Resource Management, Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Operations and Supply Chain Management, Marketing, Tourism Marketing and Management, and Innovation. The Department also offers a number of programmes at the postgraduate level, and has an active PhD programme with more than 35 students currently enrolled. The variety of subject areas offered by the Department makes possible an interdisciplinary approach to business education which is the hallmark of a world-class business school.


The Department provides mainstream courses dealing with the fundamental ideas of a subject area rather than courses that have a specific application. Our aim is to give students the ideas with which they can analyse particular applications. For example, by offering courses on services marketing, students can apply the concepts to any number of services such as tourism, local government or engineering.


Our staff and students engage in relevant scholarship. Relevant scholarship can be seen as a nexus between scholarship which is theoretical, and relevancy which is practical. These two components are incorporated in both departmental research and teaching.

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The Department teaches at undergraduate and all postgraduate levels. We offer the academic study of a variety of disciplines which can also be labelled commerce or business. The present complement comprises 28 teaching staff.

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