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Student story

Tamson Oosthuizen

20 July 2023

"The courses have virtually been tailor made to complement my work..."


Studying towards a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration

Product Strategy Manager, Seequent Ltd

As a veteran in the software industry for 12 years, Tamson’s relocation to Christchurch from South Africa presented a unique opportunity to take on professional development in team organisation and project management.

Tamson had been looking for university studies in international and sustainable business strategies when she discovered UC’s MBA programme.

“I put feelers out at work and spoke to two senior management members who are alumni of the MBA programme, and they highly recommended it. Once I had reviewed the course contents and found that it was applicable to what I was doing, the combo of convenience and content sealed the deal for me. I didn’t consider applying anywhere else,” she says.

Her role at Seequent integrates newly acquired teams, and manages strategic projects. The degree programme has given her on-the-job learning in leadership and formulating new solutions for the evolving business.

“The courses have virtually been tailor made to complement my work. They have given me both theory and hands-on advice which I could take away and apply,” she says.

“Whether it was understanding and working with teams from diverse backgrounds, helping set up team infrastructure to break down barriers and facilitate better outcomes, incorporating practical examples of innovative strategy theory to produce more robust business models, or helping the company understand its fiscal, environmental, and social sustainability, I have used everything I have learnt at UC continuously throughout the year.”

Having a classroom-like environment has been especially helpful, and allows interaction and networking with students in other industries.

“I personally absorb a lot in a classroom setting, as opposed to studying on my own, and the fact that all the students have at least 5 years’ experience in a leadership position means that the discussions are incredibly relevant and practically applicable to the situations we face every day.”

Juggling family and work life with studies, Tamson strongly advises studying professionals to plan their courses carefully and to make the most of group project opportunities.

“It takes special folks to take on those challenges, and I guess that speaks to the calibre of students one will find in the MBA programme at UC,” she says. “The University has always been incredibly open and supportive of working with me to find a way to accommodate my specific needs. They really go above and assist students and make their experience a good one.”

With Seequent steadily growing its numbers, Tamson feels prepared for the challenge of coordinating teams from around the globe, and finding more innovative solutions for their extensive range of clients.

“If you are looking for a focused, practical education to help you run your teams better and help your organisation be successful, this is the place to be!”

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