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Student story

Abhinav Sachdeva

20 July 2023

"This degree is much more than just attending lectures and completing assignments..."


Master of Business Management (now offered as the Master of Business)

Advisor – International Revenue Strategy, Te Tari Taake | Inland Revenue


What made you decide to do Business Management after undergrad studies in hotels and hospitality?

My motivation to study Master of Business Management at UC was to gain a broad perspective in multiple aspects of running a business and to have in depth knowledge along with practical understanding of core areas of a business including finance, HR, accounting, marketing, and management.

My ultimate career goal is be to be an entrepreneur and run a social enterprise which can balance between being a successful business and contributing towards society.

So why New Zealand?

My reason for coming to New Zealand, especially Christchurch, was to experience a laid-back lifestyle and be away from the hustle and bustle after living in Delhi (18 million people in a small city, even smaller than Christchurch). I enjoy the outdoor aspect in New Zealand and often go for tramps or camping under the stars. Overcoming fears by trying different adventure activities every now and then are always the best bits.

How was it going from Delhi to Christchurch?

The first couple of days were a bit strange, being away from home and not knowing anyone around was not something that I would cherish. In saying that it didn’t even take a few weeks; once the University started and I met other students, it all fell in place.

Living in a different city for the last year and now coming back, there’s no doubt in saying that Christchurch does feel like home. UC has played a major role in that, and even staying in UC’s accommodation helped me in building my Christchurch family.

What was it like studying at UC?

The thing which I enjoyed the most was how the entire programme was just not classroom based and involved working on case studies, real life business situations, networking with current industry professionals, and focused more on my overall development and getting me ready to step into the professional world.

As a part of the MBM programme, I did an internship/research project with the University’s Human Resources department. Working alongside experienced HR professionals, I gained insights into real life application of the concepts taught during the course, and the employer branding report that I prepared for the University became a part of its long-term recruitment strategy.

I also did work on a project with 180 Degree Consulting under PwC’s mentorship, and that experience helped in networking with industry professionals and working in a team with people from diverse backgrounds and life experiences.

Sounds like you managed to get a lot of good experiences out of the programme!

This degree is much more than just attending lectures and completing assignments. There will be endless opportunities for networking and there will be activities focusing on your overall development as an individual. All these will be up to you, whether you engage in it or not, but I will recommend utilising every opportunity to the fullest.

I also took on responsibilities as the Event Manager for the Business Taught Masters department, and the most enjoyable part of all this was networking and learning from other students’ experiences, and it made the overall experience at the University so much fun. I definitely miss those days now.

So now you’re working with Inland Revenue – how has it been so far?

My day-to-day activities revolve around the multiple initiatives and campaigns run by Inland Revenue to protect the integrity of the international tax base, and provide advice on the matters arising under New Zealand’s tax treaty obligations.

Giving several presentations and a lot of report/academic writing in the degree were many aspects which I find extremely useful in my career. The confidence I gained around presenting to a group and my overall improvement in academic writing during my time at the University has helped me immensely in my career.

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