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Student story

Jiawen Yan

24 January 2024

Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing


Why did you choose to come to Christchurch, New Zealand? What do you enjoy the most in New Zealand?

New Zealand is a country I've always wanted to visit. Christchurch has the same fresh air and beautiful scenery as any other city in New Zealand, but it retains the simplicity of New Zealand folklore and quiet life. The trees and forests that can be found everywhere are more attractive than the tall buildings and busy streets that other cities have.

New Zealand is a great country to drive around in and it's easy to drive to another city, so I often drive with good friends to a surrounding town or another city to experience different customs and get close to nature.

Why did you choose to study at UC?

I choose UC because of its famous business school and I prefer doing Marketing as my bachelor's major. The most important thing is they set UCIC programme to help international students adapt to UC life in advance.

What do you enjoy about studying at UC?

Library is my favourite place for studying because there are study discussion rooms provided so I can meet my classmates or group members to discuss our assignment together. 

Every course is recorded so we can view the playback at any time to help review for assignments and exams. When I had any academic questions, the teacher was always helpful and quick to react to emails.

What do you enjoy about your subject and degree?

There are many interesting courses for me to choose and as the Marketing course requires more creativity, the lectures were very engaging. There are many opportunities for group work in the course, and I have not only made many friends but also improved my team spirit in the process of doing the assignments.

What advice would you give to someone considering studying your degree area?

Be as creative as you can, participate actively in group work, learn to listen to other students' ideas.

Have you taken part in any internships, exchanges, field trips at UC? How did you find the experience?

During my online study, I joined the UC Study Centre at Huazhong University of Science and Technology, one of the top universities in China. I was able to experience university life in China, learn about the history of partnerships between the two universities, and participate in many activities and thus meet many of my fellow students from the university. This exchange programme has been a very special experience for me.

How did you find life at UC and in Christchurch as an international student?

The UC Business School organises a weekly catch-up for us international students, which is very convenient for international students to meet new people here, and even for new students to raise their concerns and doubts, where experienced students are available to help.

Were you involved in any clubs and if so, what did you enjoy about them? 

In my first year, I joined the SVA club, a volunteer club that often organises activities to protect the environment, and I experienced a sense of achievement and responsibility in protecting nature during an event to clean up nature's rubbish. That activity also made me more aware of the need to act green in my life and contribute to sustainable development in the future.

What are your interests when you are not studying?

I like to go to various coffee shops to taste coffee and experience the atmosphere of different coffee shops. I also like to lounge on the sofa and watch Netflix series.

Any other comments?

UC is more comfortable and desirable than what is shown on social media. In the academic section it gives you all the knowledge you want and provides a comfortable and convenient learning environment. In the living part, there are different kinds of cafes or restaurants in each building, so you can have your daily needs met while studying.

It is a great choice for all international students.

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