Russell Wordsworth

Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching) | Amo TuaruaRussell Wordsworth

MGMT228 Course Coordinator
Meremere 208
Internal Phone: 93710

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

I completed my PhD in Management at the University of Canterbury. My PhD thesis examined employee turnover decision making in a post-crisis context. My core research interests center on employee turnover and retention, both from the perspective of identifying the factors that drive turnover and on understanding the decision processes involved in leaving and staying. Other areas of research interest include ethics in human resource management; employee recruitment and selection; and careers related research. At present I am particularly interested in understanding the processes involved in career transitions from self-employment to organisational employment. I am also coordinating an international study examining the role of the human resource function in promoting ethical behaviour in organisations in South Africa, New Zealand and China.

Recent Publications

  • Robertson J., Botha E., Walker B., Wordsworth R. and Balzarova M. (2022) Fortune favours the digitally mature: The impact of digital maturity on the organisational resilience of SME retailers during COVID-19. International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management
  • Woodford SD., Wordsworth R. and Malinen S. (2022) Does My Tattoo Matter? Impact of tattoos in Employee Selection. New Zealand Journal of Human Resources Management 22(1): 1-14.
  • Hegarty T., Wright S., Lord B. and Wordsworth R. (2021) The glass scaffold: How women in construction respond to industry conditions. Kent, United Kingdom: Gender Work and Organization Conference, 30 Jun-2 Jul 2021.
  • Wordsworth R. and Nilakant V. (2021) Unexpected change: Career transitions following a significant extra-organizational shock. Journal of Vocational Behavior 127
  • Wordsworth R., Hall CM., Prayag G. and Malinen S. (2021) Critical Perspectives On Disaster And Crisis Research: Revealing And Responding To Vulnerability. In Hill A; McKenny A; O'Kane P; Paroutis S (Ed.), Research Methodology in Strategy and Management: 75-97. Bingley: Emerald Publishing Limited.