Richard Watt

ProfessorRichard Watt

Meremere 426B
Internal Phone: 93736


Research Interests

Research interests include applied microeconomic theory and industrial organisation.

Recent Publications

  • Kumar AP., Meriluoto L. and Watt R. (2023) New evidence on using expert ratings to proxy for wine quality in climate change research. Journal of Wine Research 34(2): 101-121.
  • Bonilla CA., Vergara M. and Watt R. (2022) Changes in risk and entrepreneurship. Risk Management 24(4): 367-385.
  • Ceballos M., Masselot A. and Watt R. (2022) Mind Gender Gaps! How Men and Women Get Equal Working Opportunities and Wages. CESifo Forum 23(2): 3-11.
  • Masselot A., Ceballos M. and Watt R. (2022) Pay Transparency Across Countries and Legal Systems’. CESifo Forum 23(2): 3-11.
  • Mumo R., Njagaraha JBH., Kiremu MK. and Watt R. (2022) On the use of intertemporal models to analyse how post-loss and post no-loss insurance demands differ. Cogent Economics and Finance 10(1)