Richard Watt

ProfessorRichard Watt

Meremere 426B
Internal Phone: 93736


Research Interests

Research interests include applied microeconomic theory and industrial organisation.

Recent Publications

  • Agnew S., Kerr J. and Watt R. (2021) The effect on student behaviour and achievement of removing incentives to complete online formative assessments. Australasian Journal of Educational Technology 37(4): 173-185.
  • Mueller-Langer F. and Watt R. (2021) Optimal pricing and quality of academic journals and the ambiguous welfare effects of forced open access: A two-sided model. Managerial and Decision Economics 42(8): 1945-1959.
  • Watt R. (2021) The 2020 Nobel Memorial Prize in economics: the Canterbury connection. New Zealand Economic Papers 55(2): 166-172.
  • Fernández-Márquez CM., Vázquez FJ. and Watt R. (2020) Social influence on software piracy. Managerial and Decision Economics 41(7): 1211-1224.
  • Watt R. (2020) Overlooked Results on the Competitive Firm under Output Price Risk: Alternative Sufficient Conditions for Downward Sloping Factor Demand Curves. Economics Letters November 2020 109507