Pan Zheng

Senior LecturerPan Zheng

Internal Phone: 90271

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

I started my academic research in the areas of computer vision, graphics, and visualisation. As there are loads of AI algorithms used in those research areas, eventually my research direction shifted to AI-related areas, e.g., bio-inspired computing methods and applications.

I am also keen to look at topics in the following area
- Data analytics, Business intelligence
- Web technology and application, e-Learning and mobile-Learning
- Human-computer interaction, virtual reality, and augmented reality

Recent Publications

  • Gong F., Ma Y., Zheng P. and Song T. (2020) A deep model method for recognizing activities of workers on offshore drilling platform by multistage convolutional pose machine. Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries 64
  • Li X., Wang X., Li H., Shi X. and Zheng P. (2020) A Programming 20-30nm Rectangular DNA Origami for Loading Doxorubicin to Penetrate Ovarian Cancer Cells. IEEE Transactions on Nanobioscience 19(1): 152-157.
  • Song T., Zheng P., Wong MLD., Jiang M. and Zeng X. (2020) On the Computational Power of Asynchronous Axon Membrane Systems. IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computational Intelligence 4(5): 696-704.
  • Li Z., Guan Y., Yuan X., Zheng P. and Zhu H. (2019) Prediction of Sphingosine protein-coding regions with a self adaptive spectral rotation method. PLoS ONE 14(4)
  • Pang S., Qiao S., Song T., Zhao J. and Zheng P. (2019) An improved convolutional network architecture based on residual modeling for person re-identification in edge computing. IEEE Access 7: 106749-106760.