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Senior LecturerPan Zheng

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

I started my academic research in the areas of computer vision, graphics, and visualisation. As there are loads of AI algorithms used in those research areas, eventually my research direction shifted to AI-related areas, e.g., bio-inspired computing methods and applications.

I am also keen to look at topics in the following area
- Data analytics, Business intelligence
- Web technology and application, e-Learning and mobile-Learning
- Human-computer interaction, virtual reality, and augmented reality

Recent Publications

  • Liu D., Hu Y., Liu D., Wang B. and Zheng P. (2023) Hybrid domain digital watermarking scheme based on improved differential evolution algorithm and singular value block embedding. IET Image Processing
  • Wang P., Cao B., Ma T., Wang B., Zhang Q. and Zheng P. (2023) DUHI: Dynamically updated hash index clustering method for DNA storage. Computers in Biology and Medicine 164
  • Wang X., Gao C., Han P., Li X., Chen W., Rodríguez Patón A., Wang S. and Zheng P. (2023) PETrans: De Novo Drug Design with Protein-Specific Encoding Based on Transfer Learning. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 24(2)
  • Wang X., Zhang C., Wang L. and Zheng P. (2023) Integrating Multiple Single-Cell RNA Sequencing Datasets Using Adversarial Autoencoders. International Journal of Molecular Sciences
  • Yang Q., Wang X. and Zheng P. (2023) DephosNet: A Novel Transfer Learning Approach for Dephosphorylation Site Prediction.