Natasja Steenkamp

Senior LecturerNatasja Steenkamp

Meremere 511
Internal Phone: 90186
I am passionate about helping students to empower themselves with insight, understanding and knowledge.


Research Interests

Organisations prepare many different corporate reports such as for example Sustainability Reports and Annual Reports. However, these reports are not integrated and is referred to as silo reporting. A corporate reporting system that connects information reported in these reports as well as an organisation's strategy and governance, is Integrated Reporting. The purpose of an integrated report is to convey information about an organisation's value creation. My current research interest is in Integrated Reporting, capturing the many different nuances included in this area.

Recent Publications

  • Steenkamp N. and Roberts R. (2022) Managing material value creation matters in integrated reporting. Meditari Accountancy Research 30(3): 661-675.
  • Steenkamp N. and Roberts R. (2020) Does workload and institutional pressure on accounting educators affect academia at Australian universities? Accounting and Finance 60(1): 471-506.
  • Steenkamp N., Franettovich M., Collins R. and Tyler M. (2019) Empowering regional students to transform their futures: A hope-based approach. HERDSA Connect.
  • Steenkamp N. (2018) Top ten South African companies’ disclosure of materiality determination process and material issues in integrated reports. Journal of Intellectual Capital 19(2): 230-247.
  • Steenkamp N. and Roberts R. (2016) Unethical practices in response to poor student quality: An Australian perspective. The Accounting Educators' Journal Special Edition: 89-119.